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MINVETS Security Inc is amenable to put up a performance bond in the amount agreed by both parties to ensure liability by our Agency for whatever unexpected events or circumstances that may happen within the area of responsibility of our Security Guards.


As an advantage factor to the provision of complementing professional career, a seminar and orientation to all members of its security force to improve thrust in providing additional knowledge to security officers /guards is being done.

Services include the following:

  • Stationary Guards
  • Roving Guards
  • Plant Security Guards
  • School, College and University Guards
  • Escort Guards
  • Security Guard- Driver services
  • Security Guard – Radio Operators
  • Bank, Hotel and Port Security
  • Ranch and Plantation Services
  • Industrial Plant Security Services


  • We conduct monthly formation/information and education to the guards;
  • We train guards on how to operate CCTV cameras and software and operating other electronic devices and access control;
  • We conduct training in crowd control and emergency response in handling labor strike and lock outs.
  • Training in responding bomb threat
  • Training in customer service
  • Training in proper report writing
  • Training  mail security and document security
  • We also conduct semi-annual gun safety seminar and firing test in both high powered and low powered firearms.


MINVETS Security Inc (MSI) is equipped with modern and excellent facilities. It meets the immediate demands of security operations, more importantly communication equipment and brand new mobile units to ensure quick and efficient relay of messages and information, respectively. With this, we assure you of quality security and protection services of your establishment, including material assets and personnel.

Our Security Guards are provided with photo copies of our firearms licenses with different calibers such as Cal. 38, Revolvers. 12 Gauge Shotguns, 9mm pistols, M16 Rifles and Cal. 30 M2 Carbine with sufficient rounds of ammunitions, and other paraphernalia for guarding purposes.


The MINVETS Security Inc. (MSI) management sponsors advance training, education and seminars for their security officers, staff and selected security personnel. The management also conducts in-service trainings and lectures during TI&E every month. Moreover, MINVETS management sees to it that all legal benefits required by Law and incentives for each employee/guards are given. We also provide one (1) suit free uniform for every one (1) year of service of our guards.


The Management of MINVETS Security Inc (MSI) shall take charge of supervision and control to our men within the organization of the contracted clients as part of an effective team in the protection endeavor of the company and its business partner.

Finally, our Company makes it a point to provide security consultancy, security survey and intelligence gathering for peace and order situation in the region in general and locals, and submit practical recommendations to its various clients for awareness purposes for safety and security considerations. We periodically conduct appropriate inspection of the guards assigned in the client’s premises and shall exercise administration and control in accordance with the RA 5487as amended.